Recherches, innovations, protocoles et applications cliniques


Researches, developments, protocols and clinical applications
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International Symposium of Clinical Aromatherapy

A francophone educational event on the use of aromatherapy in a clinical setting for health professionals and other related fields.

This symposium, which brings together renowned international speakers from the fields of traditional and alternative health, aromatherapy and scientific research, aims to demonstrate the benefits of essential oils in order to make their use accessible and safe in a professional practice. 


This event is therefore entirely dedicated to education on innovations, advances, new protocols and research in clinical aromatherapy.


With the emergence of several new essential oil companies on the market in recent years and the strong public interest in their use in general and in self-care, it becomes essential for health professionals to be open to alternative methods, to know the various uses, protocols and rules of use in aromatherapy.  


This symposium is the ideal opportunity to update knowledge in aromatherapy, taught by experienced and knowledgeable professionals, in order to effectively integrate essential oils into professional practices.


In addition, adding a holistic component to a professional practice is a great opportunity to broaden its clientele. This demonstrates an openness to natural alternatives and objectivity in treatments. The credibility of the therapist in the eyes of the patient/client, who is seeking more and more autonomy with regard to his or her health, is increased.


Finally, we believe it is important to restore the image of these powerful and effective natural products by presenting the science and observational studies conducted by professionals. The gathering of various professionals and researchers at this symposium will allow a powerful synergy in the achievement of this objective.

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Come share your passion and knowledge with your peers.


We have carefully selected our speakers. Our invitations have been issued in limited quantities with a particular focus on academic training, clinical experience, professionalism and ethics as well as credibility among peers, the professional community and various associations. 


It is therefore with great pleasure that we wish

to invite you to participate in ISCA as a



We know that your extensive clinical experience with essential oils could benefit the community of professionals interested in clinical aromatherapy. We are convinced that your participation will enrich the knowledge of many and, by the same token, participate in the integration of natural medicines within a professional practice for the benefit of both the therapist and the patient/client.


Première édition À compter du 26 avril 2
  • Liberate emotional patterns with essential oils    

  • The effects of EOs on dementia and Alzheimer's disease     

  • Helping cancer and palliative care patients withe Eos

  • Incorporation of essential oils in psychiatric practice

  • General integration of EH in medical practice

  • EO in chiropractic, physiotherapy and kinesiology    

  • The HEARTS process on oncology patients

  • Holistic dentistry and the use of EH   

  • Latest studies on the anti-microbial effects of essential oils    

  • Improving pediatric care through aromatherapy  

  • Safe practice of essential oils 

  • EH administration routes

  • Protocols and uses

  • And more...

Please note that the topics and speakers will be announced as they are confirmed


If you are interested in participating as a speaker at the ISCA, or if you would like to discuss this further, we recommend that you make a virtual appointment with us (link below).  During this ZOOM or Google Meet meeting, we will get to know each other, discuss available topics, confirmed speakers, details on your compensation and any other questions you may have.


Here is the link to make your virtual appointment


If you prefer to communicate in writing, please do not hesitate to write to :

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The I AM Community is a catalyst for evolution bringing together people with common values of expansion. The whole project was born from a common hope; to see the society of today and tomorrow blossom around values of sharing, respect, innovation and evolution.


It aims to raise human consciousness and develop the full potential of its members. One of the components of this community is the setting up of conferences, summits, retreats and training sessions to provide access to tangible information focused on the bio-psycho-spiritual development of the being to reach its full potential.


The two founders of this project are Katrine Morad & Ariane Vermeersch.


Katrine Morad

Naturopath, homeopath,


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Ariane Vermeersch

Trained nurse and spiritual mentor